A Poem Spoken by Sarah Connor from Terminator 2 - Dominic Berry

"Show me a man who knows there is nothing wrong with eyes that cry. A crying man is not breaking down. A man who can block his tears is not fixed. Eyes are valves, not sealed circuits closed shut. Only open eyes can see. Show me a man who knows how to see, who will stay with my child and me. Show me a man who will hear my son's howls and know they are the sound of his engine accelerating. This internal combustion marks the start of a path to all that his pain and love will generate. Show me a man who will help me raise him, who won't shut him down, who knows why we cry or at least show me a man I can teach. I am teaching my child tears can repair. When he sees the damage done he will care and want to try to mend. I am teaching my child it's not too much for a man to try to be human"


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